Current holding and air volume demand of medium pressure centrifugal blower

- Jul 14, 2018-

During the loading process of the compressor of the medium pressure centrifugal blower, it is a process from the unloading state, which effectively switches to the constant pressure control to reach the pressure setting value, which supplies the system with air. When the control system receives the load command, the control system compares the actual pressure of the system with the set pressure. When the system set pressure is greater than the actual pressure, the intake guide vanes will gradually open from 10% at no load. The current rises.

When the medium pressure centrifugal blower is running, when the current exceeds a certain value, it is necessary to start to close the small vent valve, and the intake vane and the vent valve are adjusted together, so that the current of the motor can be kept at a certain value. Until the pressure of the third stage rises, the system pressure reaches the set value and enters the constant pressure control state. The speed of this loading process and the success of loading can be related to the proportionality of the control parameters and the size of the integration time. When the system demand is large, the integration time should be increased to achieve the speed of the pressure set value; otherwise, when the system demand is small, it should be adjusted smaller, otherwise it will be too sensitive, but the valve will fluctuate and the loading will fail.

In the medium pressure centrifugal blower, the demand for the system air volume is changed. The task of the compressor is to effectively adjust the control system to a certain extent when the system demand changes, so that the system pressure can be effectively maintained. Change, so that it can play a role as a constant voltage source.