Considerations for Centrifugal Fan

- Oct 31, 2017-

1, emergency shutdown: During the commissioning of the unit, in the case of one of the following circumstances, the emergency shutdown should be immediately. Emergency shutdown operation is to press the main motor stop button, and then after the shutdown of the aftermath of the work.

A, the centrifugal fan suddenly occurred strong vibration, and has exceeded the trip value.

b, the internal body has scratches or abnormal friction sound.

C, any bearing or seal place smoke phenomenon, or a certain bearing temperature rises sharply to the alarm value.

D, the oil is lowered to the alarm value and cannot return to normal.

E, oil tank liquid level is low, already has the phenomenon of absorbing air.

The value of F and axial displacement increases obviously and the alarm value is reached.

2, normal shutdown: The normal shutdown of the unit according to the following procedures to operate.

A, gradually open vent valve (or exit bypass valve), and gradually close the exhaust valve.

b, gradually close small intake throttle door to 20~25°.

C, press the Stop button, and note that there is no abnormal phenomenon during the shutdown process.

D, after the unit stops 5~10min, or the bearing temperature drops to 45 ℃ below can stop the oil supply. For the unit with a floating ring seal, the sealing oil pump must continue to supply oil until the body temperature is below 80 ℃.

After the unit is stopped, the rotor 180° shall be fixed periodically in 2-4 hours.