Clean room centrifugal fan blower working process and super strong adhesion

- Jun 17, 2019-

The clean room centrifugal fan blower is essentially a variable flow constant pressure device during the operation. When the speed is constant, the pressure and flow rate theoretical curve of the equipment should be a straight line. Due to the internal loss, the actual characteristic curve is Bent. The pressure generated in the centrifugal fan is greatly affected by changes in intake air temperature or density. For a given amount of intake air, the higher intake air temperature (lower air density) produces lower pressure. For a given pressure and flow characteristic curve, there is a power and flow characteristic curve. When the blower is at constant speed During operation, for a given flow, the required power increases as the intake air temperature decreases.


The clean room centrifugal fan has excellent adhesion, excellent compressive strength and other comprehensive properties, and can be free from disassembly and machining. There is no effect of repair welding thermal stress, and the repair thickness is not limited. At the same time, the metal material of the product does not have the concession, which can absorb the shock vibration of the equipment and avoid the possibility of re-wearing.


The clean room centrifugal fan allows full-pressure starting or step-down electric motor. When operating, it is necessary to pay attention to the rated current of about 5-7 times when the full-pressure starting, the step-down starting torque is proportional to the square of the voltage, when the grid When the capacity is insufficient, a step-down start should be used.