Clean room centrifugal blower some of the requirements

- Jan 09, 2018-

In the clean room centrifugal blower equipment during the unpacking inspection process, the relevant requirements should be strictly enforced: First, based on equipment packing list, carefully check the impeller, casing and other parts of the main installation dimensions to meet the design requirements. Such as clean room centrifugal blower foot hole center distance, inlet and outlet flange diameter and the design requirements are consistent.


Not only that, but also pay attention to check and make sure the impeller rotation direction of the clean room centrifugal blower and technical documentation requirements are consistent. In addition to ensure that the inlet and outlet set up a corresponding cover closely cover, so as not to invade the dust or debris. At the same time also pay attention to see the exposed parts of the equipment surface of the rust-proof situation, the rotor occurred obvious deformation or serious corrosion, bruising and so on.


In fact, the handling and lifting of the clean room centrifugal blower also need to meet a series of specific requirements, such as: 1, if the overall installation, then the rope used in handling and lifting process should not be tied to the rotor and the machine Shell or bearing cap rings; 2, the site assembly, the tether rope shall not damage the surface and the rotor and the gear shaft ends of the center hole, the thrust surface of the thrust plate and thrust plate end face of the shell horizontal connection Bolt hole, rotor shaft and shaft sealing parts, etc. are not bound.


It is important to note that the lubrication, oil cooling and sealing systems of the clean room centrifugal blower must be cleaned first to ensure smoothness and hygiene. At the same time also the intensity test, especially the preparation of lubrication on-site, sealed pipeline must be rust and cleaning treatment.


Remember, if the clean room centrifugal blower pipe connected to the need for cutting, or welding process, should ensure that the case does not cause deformation, the best idea is to disconnect the pipe and the case. And clean room centrifugal blower should be provided with a protective cover exposed parts of the transmission, intake or intake pipe through the atmosphere should be installed protective net or other safety facilities.