Classification of FFU fans

- Nov 09, 2019-

Classified according to chassis dimensions

According to the distance of the ceiling keel center line used to install the unit, the chassis module size is mainly divided into: 1200*600, code 42; 1200*900, code 43; 1200*1200, code 44; 600*600, code It is 22; 750 * 1500, codenamed 25; other custom-made non-standard sizes (custom-size, expressed in CS).


FFU is classified according to the chassis material

According to the different materials of the chassis, it is divided into standard coated steel plates (including galvanized, galvanized, sprayed, etc.), codenamed G; stainless steel plate, codenamed S; aluminum plate (aluminum alloy plate), code A; other materials , codenamed O.


FFU is classified by motor method

According to the motor classification, it can be divided into AC motor and brushless DC motor. The AC single-phase motor code is A1; the AC three-phase motor code is A3; and the DC brushless motor code is EC.


This product is classified according to different control methods

The AC power supply unit is divided into single-unit units according to different unit control modes, denoted by S; multi-condition sub-range control unit, denoted by M; stepless control unit, including voltage regulation or frequency conversion control, etc.


FFU is classified according to the static pressure of the unit

According to the static pressure of the unit, it is divided into standard static pressure type and high static pressure type. The standard static pressure type code is S; the high static pressure type code is H. Standard static pressure type can be defaulted.


This product varies according to filter efficiency

According to the high efficiency filter efficiency of the unit, it can be divided into high efficiency filter, code H; ultra-high efficiency filter, code U; unit inlet with coarse pre-filter code P, no pre-filter province.