Characteristics and assembly requirements of double inlet radial centrifugal fan

- Jun 05, 2019-

The double inlet radial centrifugal fan is a fan between the forward and backward inclined blades, and has good strength and wear resistance, and the blade outlet angle is 90°. In China, it is not commonly used except for some occasions that require wear resistance and corrosion resistance. The dual-inlet radial centrifugal fan is widely used in our industrial production, and there are many applications in our daily life.


When the double inlet radial centrifugal fan is installed as a whole, it should be placed directly on the foundation and leveled with the pair of inclined horns. The fan assembled on site should be properly protected and should not be rusted; when the base is placed on the foundation Apply the pair of diagonal horns to level; the bearing seat and the base should be tightly joined and in the correct position.


When assembling the casing, the position of the casing should be corrected based on the rotor shaft line, and the axial and radial clearance between the impeller inlet and the casing inlet should be adjusted to the range specified in the equipment technical documents. Check that the anchor bolts are tight. When adjusting, try to make the gap value smaller to improve the fan efficiency.


When the double inlet radial centrifugal fan is aligned, the radial displacement should not exceed 0.025mm and the inclination should not exceed 0.2/1000. The fan that is equipped with the rolling bearing, the coaxiality of the bearing hole on the two bearing frames, can be controlled by the rotation flexibility after the rotor is installed.