Characteristics and Application of Boiler Centrifugal Draft Fan

- May 31, 2018-

Boiler centrifugal draft fan is a fan equipment that can be used in conjunction with industrial boilers. It has ventilation and induced draft fans with various types of industrial boilers with evaporating capacity of 0.5-10t/h. Then in actual application, the boiler has a unique structural design.


Boiler centrifugal draft fan can be made into "right" rotation and "left" rotation in two forms, from the direction of the drive shaft facing the fan, such as the clockwise rotation of the fan impeller is called the right hand, said "right"; counterclockwise rotation is called the left hand to "Left" indicates. The outlet position of the fan is represented by the angle of the outlet of the casing. The fan ventilator can be designed as A and D type transmission. The induced draft fan can be designed as either C or D transmission.


From the point of view of the composition and structure, all types of boiler centrifugal fans are basically made up of impellers, casings, air inlets, bearings, and electric motors. The impellers are welded to arc conical wheel covers and flat plates by receding circular arc blades. In the middle of the roulette wheel. After finishing, it undergoes strict static and dynamic balance correction, stable and reliable operation, good aerodynamic performance, low noise, and high efficiency.


The casing of the boiler centrifugal draft fan is welded with a common steel plate into a volute casing, and it is divided into two parts with a bearing and welded together, which fully guarantees the reliability of the equipment structure. At the same time, the inlet of the centrifugal fan of the boiler is made into a converging streamlined overall structure, which is bolted to the inlet side of the fan.


In addition, the transmission group of the centrifugal fan of the boiler is composed of a main shaft, an integral bearing box, a rolling bearing, a pulley or a coupling. In the process of its use and maintenance, this part requires the use of 20# oil lubrication, so as to achieve good sealing performance, smooth operation, long life and other purposes.


In short, the design of each part of the boiler centrifugal fan is based on the requirements of the boiler supporting equipment, including its material, structure, performance, etc., so that it can play a good role in the operation of the boiler, and the equipment itself can also Maintain stable reliability.