Centrifugal ventilation fan for air shower workflow

- Feb 06, 2019-

The wind in the air shower room is originally inner circulation. The centrifugal ventilation fan for air shower is only a dynamic function. When working, the dust particles in the air will be filtered by the initial effect of the air shower chamber and the high efficiency filter. The dust particles fall on the filter. On the device, achieve the purification effect
Read the instruction manual and product samples of the centrifugal ventilation fan for air shower, familiarize yourself with the specifications and form of the fan, the direction of the impeller rotation and the direction of airflow in and out, etc. Check again whether the components of the fan are in good condition, otherwise they should be repaired before installation. Air shower centrifugal fans must be installed with safety devices to prevent accidents and be installed and wired by professionals familiar with the relevant safety requirements.
The air duct connecting the inlet and outlet of the centrifugal chamber of the air shower has separate support. It is not allowed to add the overlapping weight of the pipeline to the components of the fan. When installing the fan, pay attention to the horizontal position of the fan, the joint surface of the fan and the foundation and the outlet pipe. The joints should be adjusted so that they are naturally consistent and must not be forced to join.
After installation, use the hand or lever to move the impeller to check whether there is too tight or rubbing, whether there is any obstruction to the rotation, no abnormality before the test run, the exposed part of the fan drive should have a protective cover The distribution control box must match the corresponding fan. After installation, check the inside of the fan for any leftover tool box debris.