Centrifugal fan impeller of the three main forms

- Jan 06, 2018-

As we all know, impeller is the heart of centrifugal fan, we can see the impeller is a key part of the equipment. In different centrifugal fan equipment, the impeller used in different forms. In contrast, centrifugal fan impeller structure than the axial fan impeller structure more complex. And centrifugal fan impeller process requirements are more stringent.


Under normal circumstances, in accordance with centrifugal fan impeller outlet blade angle, the main impeller can be divided into three different forms, namely, forward, radial and backward. Well, these three different forms of impeller What is the difference? First of all, in the impeller of the forward structure, in which the outlet angle of the blades is over 90 ° and the outlet air pressure of the blades is larger, the work efficiency is lower.


In practical applications, this type of centrifugal fan equipment is usually widely used for the general air volume, but demanding occasions. This structure of the centrifugal fan impeller blades easily accumulate impurities between the impeller, scaling, and the leaves are generally narrower, the number of more.


When centrifugal fan impeller structure belongs to the radial type, then the blade outlet angle is generally 90 °. Its main feature is the simple structure, lower production costs, technical parameters between forward and backward type. Due to the low efficiency, so the application is limited. However, due to its non-scaling, it can be used in mines and other workplaces.


The aerodynamic performance of the centrifugal fan impeller adopting the backward-type structure design is excellent, and under normal operation, a larger air volume can be ensured. At this time its blade exit angle is generally less than 90 degrees. Low pressure, but high efficiency, usually its efficiency can reach 80% to 90%, so the practical application is very wide. Coupled with its easy scaling, it is often used in industrial, chemical, power plants and other fields.


However, this structure of the centrifugal fan impeller manufacturing process more stringent requirements. In short, different working conditions and working conditions, for the centrifugal fan impeller structure requirements are different. It is recommended that everyone in the procurement of fans is best to consult professionals to choose the most suitable type of impeller.