Centrifugal fan impeller for FFU should be fully tuned to the ideal state

- Jun 03, 2019-

In different states, the effect of the centrifugal fan impeller for FFU is also different. In order to debug the FFU centrifugal fan impeller to the ideal state, it can be started from many aspects. For example, the FFU centrifugal fan impeller allows full-voltage starting or step-down electric, but it should be noted that the current at full-voltage starting is about 5-7 times the rated current. The step-down starting torque is proportional to the square of the voltage. When the grid capacity is insufficient. , should start with a step-down.


Moreover, when testing the FFU centrifugal fan impeller, you should carefully read the product manual and check whether the wiring method is consistent with the wiring diagram; you should carefully check whether the working voltage of the supplied fan power supply meets the requirements, whether the power supply is out of phase or in phase, and the distributor components Whether the capacity meets the requirements.


When the FFU centrifugal fan impeller starts to operate, it should immediately check whether the running current of each phase is balanced and the current exceeds the rated current; if there is any abnormality, stop the inspection. After five minutes of operation, check whether the fan is abnormal or not, and confirm that there is no abnormal phenomenon and then start up. When the centrifugal fan is tested, it is best to close the valve on the inlet or outlet of the fan. After the operation, the valve is gradually opened to reach the required working condition, and the operating current of the fan exceeds the rated current.