Centrifugal Fan for FFU Selection Analysis

- Jun 05, 2018-

FFU is often used in cleansing projects, mainly for air filtration, and is a filter unit with a fan. Which is commonly used is FFU centrifugal fan. In other words, in practical applications, the FFU centrifugal fan sucks and filters air from the top of the FFU, and the filtered clean air is evenly delivered at a constant wind speed. In this way, the cleanliness of the site environment is guaranteed.


Combining with practical applications, centrifugal fan for FFU have excellent performance, not only low noise, but also have excellent characteristics such as long life, large air volume, high efficiency, low energy consumption, low vibration, and stepless speed regulation. It can be seen that the device satisfies the high noise requirements of the workplace, has been widely used in clean rooms, clean benches, clean production lines, assembled clean rooms and other occasions.


We know that in the actual production operations, the clean room has special requirements for the ventilation system, which contains sufficient air flow and pressure, precise temperature and humidity control, and consistent air quality. For different cleaning requirements, it can be achieved by fan filter unit. This unit combines the filtration system with the centrifugal fan for FFU. The size and material of the chassis can even be made according to the actual scene.


In fact, the analysis of the actual situation, in the clean room, the use of FFU centrifugal fan to supply clean air is a very ideal economic method. Strict product quality requirements require production in a clean or ultra-clean room. Even the smallest impurities in the air can adversely affect the production process, leading to high scrap rates. The air supply in this kind of production environment needs almost 100% dust-free and no bacteria, and the fan plays an important role.


Of course, centrifugal fan for FFU need to do more than just realize the simple requirement of “circulation air”. In addition to the required aerodynamic performance, the compact size, low noise, clean room materials, long life, maintenance-free and energy saving, etc. All are key indicators. Moreover, the manufacturing process of the FFU centrifugal fan itself also has an important influence on its operating state.