Centrifugal Fan for FFU overall advantages and the corresponding scope of application

- May 22, 2018-

Centrifugal Fan for FFU is actually an external rotor centrifugal fan. It exhibits long life, low noise, maintenance-free, low vibration, stepless speed regulation and other characteristics, so it is suitable for a variety of environments to help it obtain Higher level of clean environment.


In addition, the Centrifugal Fan for FFU shell structure made of high quality aluminum zinc plate made of manufacturing, light weight, corrosion resistance, rust, beautiful and generous. Even its laminar flow hoods are made according to the standard design to ensure quality and provide reliable protection for good use.


Centrifugal Fan for FFUs provide high quality clean air for clean rooms and micro-environments in different areas and different cleanliness levels. In the new clean room, clean room or renovation, it can not only improve the level of cleanliness, reduce noise and reduce vibration, but also greatly reduce the cost; convenient installation and maintenance is the ideal part of the clean environment.


Centrifugal Fan for FFUs are particularly suitable for assembly into ultra-clean production lines. They can be arranged for single use according to process requirements, or they can be connected in series to form 100 assembly lines. It is particularly suitable for assembly into ultra-clean production lines. It can be arranged for single use according to the process requirements, or it can also form multiple 100-series flow assembly lines in series.


Because the Centrifugal Fan for FFU can be used as a modular connection, it is suitable for the 10~10000 class dust-free workshop, which facilitates centralized control of the overall operation. There are also manufacturers of semiconductors, electronics, flat panel displays, and disk drives, as well as optical, bio-industrial, and other places that have strict controls over air pollution.


The Centrifugal Fan for FFU adopts a low-profile structure, so it can save space when it is used; and the lightweight structure design can meet the installation of various manufacturers' systems. Its internal device diffuser board. Wind pressure spreads evenly, and wind speed on the wind surface is stable on average.


The Centrifugal Fan for FFU also has a metal structure downwind liner, which can prevent secondary pollution, smooth surface, low wind resistance, and excellent sound insulation. In addition, the design of special air inlets and ducts has also played a positive role in reducing the pressure loss and noise generated by the equipment.