Centrifugal dust removal fan selection principle and dust removal

- Jun 13, 2018-

Centrifugal dust removal fan in the process of operation belongs to the field of mechanical engineering technology, to a certain extent, has the advantages of high efficiency, high pressure, small size of the centrifugal fan centrifugal fan, while also using its own dust The function not only can deliver clean air, but also can transport air containing dust, and can separate the dust and play the role of dust removal.

The dust removal efficiency of the centrifugal dust removal fan is very high. In the process of production, the steel plate is mainly used to produce the centrifugal fan. In the circular casing, the centrifugal impeller is arranged, and the cone dust collection ring and dust collection bucket can be used. The dust is collected and the clean air is discharged outside the machine. It is an ideal ventilation dust removal device.

Centrifugal dust removal fan selection principle

1. Before choosing a fan, choose a fan for different purposes according to the nature of the gas transported by the bag filter.

2. In the selection of the fan, priority should be given to a type with higher efficiency, smaller model and larger adjustment range.

3. The use of fans in parallel or in series shall be avoided. When the fans are used in conjunction, they shall be operated in parallel or in series with the same type of fan as possible. When used in series, there shall be between the first fan and the second fan. Certain piping connections.