Centrifugal Air Blower for Air Shower Operation Process

- Feb 28, 2018-

Centrifugal air blower for air shower in the process of using its compact, beautiful appearance and good stability and other advantages of the entire equipment in the process of installation and maintenance are very convenient, air shower centrifugal blower running smoothly, the entire equipment optimization The design of the impeller will make the axial force to a minimum extent.

Air shower centrifugal blower in the course of its low noise, the operation of the blower, whether it is any mechanical friction, the use of its reasonable blade-shaped line makes the sound to a minimum, the noise generated by its centrifugal blower High-frequency noise, as long as there are obstacles, can be noise, so almost no noise outside the fan room.

Centrifugal air blower for air shower bearings are used in its grease lubrication, the bearing life of its equipment more than three years, the fan does not produce oil and gas during operation, under normal circumstances, the special requirements of the fan, the use of its disulfide Molybdenum lithium grease lubrication bearings.

Centrifugal air blower for air shower impeller will use its special compound linear, so you can reduce the internal leakage to a certain extent, effectively improve the volumetric efficiency of its equipment, the import side of the butterfly valve to regulate flow, the outlet of the butterfly valve to regulate the pressure.

Centrifugal air blower for air shower drive, usually under the two pole asynchronous motor, can also be used in the use of quadrupole motor drive. Depending on the user grid, different voltage motors can be used.