Boiler induced draft fan application and installation

- Apr 21, 2018-

In the process of operation, the boiler induced draft fan is basically the same as the turbo compressor. In the operation, the flow rate of the gas is low and the pressure change is not large. Generally, it is not necessary to consider the specific gas volume during the operation. Change so that the gas can be treated as an incompressible fluid.

The boiler induced draft fan is generally a stationary blade or a moving blade. When the operation is performed, the impeller is used to effectively generate the lifting force, so that the smoke in the boiler can be made to a certain extent so that the smoke flows along the axial direction to a certain extent. Introduce desulfurization islands or chimneys.

Boiler induced draft fan application

Boiler draught fans are widely used in the field of tunnels, cooling towers, vehicles, dust extraction, cooling, power production, factories, industrial furnaces, and ventilation.

Boiler induced draft fan installation and commissioning

Before the boiler induced draft fan needs to be installed, it is necessary to effectively check whether there is any debris inside the fan. If there is any debris that needs to be cleared immediately, turn the impeller and check whether there is scratching phenomenon. If it is found to be inconvenient, it must be adjusted in time.

The foundation of the boiler induced draft fan - a concrete floor with a thickness of not less than 300mm, which is more or less than the basic level during operation, is not less than 300mm around the periphery of the frame and about 100mm above the surrounding floor during operation. (Waterproof) Floors and roofs that can carry the weight of the fan.

Boiler draught fan must be shut off before the start of the test run, so that the fan can be started under no-load conditions to a certain extent. After reaching the normal speed, the damper can be gradually opened until the rated operating condition. . The current should be strictly monitored during operation and must not exceed the rated value. After 20 minutes of operation, the fan shall check whether the temperature rise of the bearing box is normal (the temperature rise shall not exceed 40°C of the ambient temperature, and the temperature of the table shall not exceed 70°C).