Boiler Centrifugal Induced Draft Fan Advantages and Installation Requirements

- Jan 27, 2018-

Boiler fan in the process of working and turbine compressor is basically the same, when used only because of the gas flow rate is low, the pressure change is not, in the use of generally do not need to consider changes in gas specific volume, that the gas Treated as an incompressible fluid.

Under normal circumstances, large-scale power plant boiler centrifugal induced draft fan is generally adjustable vane or movable blade axial fan, the use of impeller rotation of the lifting force, the boiler flue gas axially introduced desulfurization island or chimney. Boiler fans are widely used in power production, factories, mines, tunnels, cooling towers, vehicles, ships and buildings ventilation, dust and cooling.

Boiler centrifugal induced draft fan in the process of inspection, before its installation to be checked for the existence of fan internal debris, if any, then be cleared; dial impeller, whether scratching phenomenon, found that the wrong place must be promptly adjusted intact.

Boiler centrifugal induced draft fan foundation - the thickness of not less than 300mm concrete floor, the surface of the basic level, according to the perimeter of the frame plus not less than 300mm and above the surrounding floor about 100mm (waterproof); can carry the fan floor weight, roofing.

Boiler fan in the trial operation must be turned off before the wind valve, which will make the fan start in no-load conditions, after reaching normal speed can gradually open the damper until rated conditions. In the course of operation should be strictly monitored current, shall not exceed the rated value. Fan 20 minutes after running should check the temperature rise of the bearing box is normal.