Boiler Centrifugal Induced Draft Blower Maintenance Plan

- Dec 28, 2017-

Boiler centrifugal induced draft blowers are mainly used in thermal power plants to meet the blower system requirements of 20 to 670T / h steam boilers. If no other special requirements, then, boiler centrifugal blower can also be used for mine ventilation and general ventilation.


It should be noted that the boiler centrifugal blower to send the medium is air, so in order to ensure normal operation, the maximum air temperature shall not exceed 80 ℃. The equipment is typically used for gas compression and delivery in the production process and is generally regarded as the heart of the kit.


Because of this, during daily use, the user not only needs to ensure standard operation, but also properly and carefully maintain the boiler centrifugal blower so as to ensure long-term stability and safe operation of the unit. So, specifically how to carry out maintenance?


In fact, in the daily maintenance of the boiler centrifugal induced draft blower unit, there are mainly two cases, one is preventive maintenance and the other is damaged maintenance. The preventive maintenance is divided into routine maintenance and regular maintenance, including minor repair, repair and overhaul of different forms of maintenance. Damaged maintenance refers to the actual situation, take targeted maintenance measures, or parts replacement.


In order to ensure the maintenance effect, it is best to set a specific maintenance plan. The object of maintenance includes not only the boiler centrifugal blower, but also other ancillary equipment. As for the specific inspection items and inspection cycle, mainly to determine the use of.


In addition, during boiler centrifugal induced draft blower operation, staff need to be aware of items such as rotor vibration, bearing temperature, oil and seal oil systems. If you find the boiler centrifugal fan abnormalities, you need to promptly deal with.