Base and foundation of air shower centrifugal fan

- Sep 12, 2018-

In the process of production, the air shower centrifugal fan mainly consists of the base and the foundation, the casing group and the air inlet, the inlet adjusting device, the impeller group, the fan main shaft, the fan main shaft seal, the fan bearing, the coupling and the electric motor.

Base and foundation of air shower centrifugal fan

1. Transmission - The motor base is located on the concrete foundation to support the drive and non-drive end bearings.

2. The base is designed with suitable materials and ribs to have sufficiently rigid components with holes for bolting.

3. To ensure the level of installation and strong support, use a gasket to align between the base and the concrete. After the completion of the alignment, the gap between the base and the concrete foundation is filled twice.

Case group and air inlet

The casing combined air inlet assembly of the air shower centrifugal fan is mainly made of carbon steel plate and welded with reinforcing ribs during operation. In order to facilitate transportation, the casing group consists of several parts, which are bolted when the fan installation group is used, and there are sections for facilitating the disassembly and assembly of the rotor group. The enclosure is equipped with access doors for maintenance and inspection. The access doors are bolted and have double decks to ensure that the inner surface of the access door is aligned with its enclosure. A drain pipe is welded to the bottom of the casing group, and the drain pipe is provided with a screw plug.

Air inlet chamber centrifugal fan inlet adjustment door

The function of this component is to generate pre-rotation when the airflow enters the impeller, reducing the work on the gas and reducing the power consumption of the fan. The vane shaft of the adjustment door is supported by a mounting bracket and is operated by a link external to the housing. The pull rod is operated by an electric actuator through a linkage rod, and the electric actuator is mounted on a separate base.