Backward Impeller Centrifugal Fan impeller parts maintenance and repair

- Jun 20, 2018-

For centrifugal fan equipment, its impeller belongs to a very important part. And in different centrifugal fan equipment, its impeller structure is also different. For the rear impeller centrifugal fan, in order to extend the service life of the equipment, it is necessary to strengthen the maintenance and the maintenance of the impeller during daily use.


It should be noted that when using the rear impeller centrifugal fan, for the initial period of impeller operation and regular inspection, whenever there is a chance, the impeller needs to be inspected accordingly, including whether the impeller has cracks, wear, dust, etc. defect.


Second, during use, the rear impeller centrifugal fan impeller components should be kept as clean as possible. In addition, you should periodically use a wire brush to brush dust and scale on the upper surface. Because with the prolonged operation time, these dusts may not evenly adhere to the impeller, causing the impeller to break even and cause the rotor to vibrate.


In view of this situation, we need to select high-quality dust collectors to ensure the desired dust removal effect. In fact, the most effective way to reduce the wear resistance of the impeller is to regularly add lubricant to the rear impeller centrifugal fan. At the same time, special methods can also be used, such as turning wear-resistant, ceramic and other materials into high-temperature or high-temperature metal, high-speed particle flow, spraying to the blade surface of the impeller to form a layer than the impeller itself to achieve material wear resistance , high temperature and oxidation resistance properties are much more unique properties.


The advantage of doing so is that it can effectively reduce the damage caused by wear on the impeller components of the rear impeller centrifugal fan, and it can also reduce the imbalance caused by the oxide layer.


In addition, as long as the rear impeller centrifugal fan impeller maintenance, then you need to perform balancing tests before use. If possible, use the portable trial balancer to balance on site. Before performing balancing, it must be checked and confirmed that all the tightening bolts of the rear impeller centrifugal fan have been tightened.