Application of high pressure fans vacuum adsorption technology in various industries

- Jun 10, 2019-

In the food industry, for powdered foods, the suction of the high pressure fans can be used to suck the two sides of the package, and the bag is automatically opened to fill the food for packaging; the suction paper can also be sucked up and attached to the irregular packaging bottle. The surface so that it does not wrinkle, swell or blister.


In the printing industry, the suction and pressure of the high-pressure blower can separate the sheets that have been accumulated for too long to avoid mutual adhesion, and can be automatically collected and transported at high speed; the suction generated by the high-pressure fan can also be used. The paper that has just come out of the press is held on the roller to delay its travel speed when it is transported to the stack.


In the machining industry, the pulsating suction generated by the high-pressure fan is used to evacuate the air between the sheet workpiece and the press table to ensure that the workpiece and the surface of the table are firmly adhered; the grinding machine is ground by suction. Metal scraps, suction, and then transferred to the bag to collect.


In the dry cleaning industry, the dust-laden cleaning agent is removed from the clothes by the suction of a high-pressure blower. In the garment processing industry, the human body model is vacuumed so that the garments placed on the model fit snugly with the model, and then the garment is sturdy by steam ironing.