Application and basic requirements of Clean Room Centrifugal Ventilator

- May 16, 2018-

The Clean Room Centrifugal Ventilator is generally used as the end equipment of the clean project. Its main function is to filter the air in the clean room so that the clean room can reach a higher clean level. The Clean Room Centrifugal Ventilator sucks in the air from the top of the clean room and is filtered by HEPA. The filtered clean air is evenly delivered at a constant wind speed.


Therefore, the Clean Room Centrifugal Ventilator can be widely used in various clean rooms, clean benches, clean production lines, assembled clean rooms and other occasions. Because the clean room has special requirements for its ventilation system, including adequate air flow and pressure, precise temperature and humidity control, and consistent air quality, the air circulation method or room size must be equally applicable. These are all achieved through Clean Room Centrifugal Ventilators.


The Clean Room Centrifugal Ventilator can be combined with the filtration system. It is not limited to the installation location. The size and material of the chassis can even be made according to the actual scene. Especially in the large clean room, the Clean Room Centrifugal Ventilator is the supply cleanliness. Air is an economically efficient method.


The strict product quality requirements require production in a clean or ultra-clean room. Even the smallest impurities in the air can adversely affect the production process, resulting in high scrap rates. Therefore, air supply in such production environments requires almost 100%. Dust-free and bacteria-free, Clean Room Centrifugal Ventilators play an important role.


However, clean room centrifugal ventilators need to do more than just "circulate air." In addition to the required aerodynamic performance, compact dimensions, low noise, clean room materials, long life, maintenance-free and energy-saving are all key indicators.


As the external rotor, the centrifugal fan with backward inclination is actually very suitable as a Clean Room Centrifugal Ventilator. Its diameter is 155-255mm and other sizes, and the air volume is varied from 230-1120CFM. It is convenient for supporting various purification HVAC equipment and installed in the equipment. In the inner frame, the fan rotates to generate a centrifugal air flow. When the air flow meets the inner frame wall, a very high pressure is formed, so that the mantle source continuously penetrates the filter core layer to form a coaxial flow direction.