Analysis of the Causes of Centrifugal Fan Wear

- Dec 19, 2017-

Centrifugal fan prolonged use of some parts will cause some degree of wear and tear, the following main analysis of what causes centrifugal fan wear What are the factors?


1, erosion wear; solid particles enter the impeller and the wall interaction, in the centrifugal flow channel inlet region and the entire axial flow channel, the solid particles are basically in the air entrainment and its own inertia of the combined effect of non-zero The angle of attack collides with the wall and then bounces back into the runner, causing wear on the wall material as a result of typical erosion wear.


2, the abrasion-type dust particles wear; centrifugal outlet area of the runner, the dust particles in the runner for a longer distance, most of the collision occurred with the wall, basically sliding along the pressure surface or rolling, And has a certain pressure on the wall, so the back of the wear and tear caused by abrasion-type dust particles are worn, the concentration of dust particles in the vicinity of the pressure area is more exacerbated the damage degree of dust particles.