Analysis of Boiler Forced Draught Fan Problem

- Dec 27, 2017-

In the actual production of thermal power plant work, due to forced boiler working environment conditions worse, it will inevitably encounter some unexpected situations. In order to minimize the frequency of failures, we need to analyze the operational status of the boiler forced draught fan and at the same time learn to quickly determine the cause of the fault in the fan operation.


Of course, according to different reasons to take targeted measures to make the boiler forced draught fan to resume normal operation. This is because once a fault occurs, it will lead to unplanned shutdown or load shedding unit, affecting the production efficiency. For this reason, taking reasonable measures to solve the problem of failure is an important guarantee to keep the power plant running continuously and safely.


However, the boiler forced draught fan more failures, the reasons are often more complicated. One of the more common problem is the bearing vibration, bearing temperature is high, the moving blade jam and protective devices malfunctioning. During operation of the fan unit, vibrations may cause bearing and vane damage, loose bolts, damaged housing and duct, due to vibrations.


In more serious cases, it will endanger the safe operation of boiler forced draft fan. We should know that there are many reasons leading to excessive bearing vibration, such as the phenomenon of different phenomena for different reasons to take the appropriate approach, will play a multiplier effect. Below we will be non-stop furnace handle blade non-working area of ?? dust caused by fan vibration as an example for a brief description.


The main manifestation of this failure is that during the operation of the boiler forced draft fan, the vibration suddenly rises. In response to such problems, then the effective measures can be taken: Install a row of nozzles in the mouthpiece of boiler forced draft fan housing and adjust the different angles, and then connect the nozzle and flushing water pump, so you can use flushing water as flushing Fouling of the power medium will flush out the gray water.