Aluminum Alloy Medium Pressure Centrifugal Blower Features

- Jan 30, 2018-

Aluminum alloy medium pressure centrifugal blower in use, the main advantage is the air volume play, low noise, light weight, the whole device is made of aluminum alloy material, significantly reducing the weight, to achieve the purpose of lightweight, aluminum alloy centrifugal blower motor for the whole Closed fan-shaped aluminum frame motor, special axis design, suitable for long time use.

Aluminum alloy medium pressure centrifugal blower with its special leaf design, pressure, air volume, low noise, long life, special air volume control throttle, air flow control and high stability, easy operation, the full range of equipment styles, rapid delivery.

Aluminum alloy medium pressure centrifugal blower features

1. Blow suction dual function, a dual-use machine, you can use suction, you can also use the hair.

2. Less oil or oil-free operation, the output of the air is clean.

3. Relative to other fans, the pressure is much higher, often more than ten times the ordinary fan.

4. We fan the whole die-casting, and the use of the shockproof mounting feet, then it is the installation of the basic requirements are very low, and even can be fixed without feet to normal operation, very convenient, but also very save installation costs and installation Cycle.

5. Relatively similar fan, the noise of its operation is low, as the whole air blower launched ultra-quiet high-pressure explosion-proof fan.

6. Maintenance-free use; its loss pieces is only a bearing, within the warranty period, basically do not need maintenance.

7. Fan mechanical wear is very small, because in addition to bearings, no other parts of the mechanical contact, so the service life is of course very long, as long as it is under normal conditions of use, 3 to 5 years is no problem .

8.Casing aluminum casting, installation of professional explosion-proof motor, fan installation is simple, easy to use!