Air Shower Ventilation Fan Performance Parameters and Static Pressure Difference

- Mar 03, 2018-

Air shower ventilation fan performance parameters are the main pressure, power, flow and speed, the noise of the entire equipment and the size of the vibration is to some extent and the main technical indicators of the fan, the air shower fan flow, also known as the air volume , Mainly expressed as the volume of gas flowing through the ventilator per unit of time.

Air shower ventilator pressure is also known as wind pressure, when used mainly refers to the gas pressure in the fan increases the value of the use will be divided into static pressure, total pressure and dynamic pressure of the difference, Under normal circumstances, total pressure is equal to the difference between the outlet pressure of the ventilator and the total pressure of the air flow on the inlet cross section.

Air shower ventilation fan static pressure is mainly equal to the outlet section of the fan and the inlet section of the hydrostatic pressure difference, dynamic pressure is the fan exit cross-section of the average velocity of the dynamic pressure. In the same section, the total pressure of the gas flow is equal to the sum of the static pressure and the dynamic pressure.

Airside fan power, efficiency, pressure and flow and other parameters will have a certain relationship between the function, when used when one of the parameters of its changes, the other will change with the volume, and then effective The relationship between them drawn as a curve, known as the performance curve.

Air shower ventilation fan performance curve shape and the type of fan is related to the use of the fan can effectively change the air flow and pressure, so that you can to some extent effectively meet the changing conditions of use Request.