Air shower fan working principle and characteristics

- Jan 04, 2018-

Air shower fan belongs to the air shower room an important component. Usually, the air shower fan is equipped with a reminder system, so when people are blowing the shower, there will be automatic voice prompts people to complete the entire shower process in order. In other words, the entire system design is very user-friendly, which will make people feel more kind and natural.


Not only that, air shower fan also can achieve the desired purification effect. Combined with the actual operating mechanism to analyze, after the high efficiency filter filter, the clean air flow will be sprayed through the rotating nozzle from all directions to the body, which can quickly and efficiently remove the dust particles, the air from the early, high efficiency filter blow Air shower area.


Next, we will mainly introduce the characteristics of the air shower fan, hoping to help everyone to make better use of the device. Under normal circumstances, the accuracy of air shower stepper motor step angle of 3-5%, and does not accumulate. In practical application, but also need to take into account the maximum allowable temperature of the air shower room stepping motor. This is because if the air shower room stepping motor temperature is too high, then it may cause the performance of the motor magnetic material degradation, which leads to the torque down or even failure.


In addition, the air shower fan during operation, the motor torque and speed will maintain a certain relationship, usually with the increase in speed and lower. In simple terms, when the stepper motor rotates, the inductance of each phase winding of the motor forms a back electromotive force. And the higher the frequency, the greater the back EMF.


It should be noted that the use of air shower fan in the process, the general motor to maintain low-speed rotation in the case to be able to maintain a more stable state. But when the motor speed is too high, there may be problems that can not start, and even make noise. Thus the air shower fan during startup and operation, users need to pay attention to the size of its speed.