Air Shower Fan Working Principle and Characteristics

- Dec 02, 2017-

Air shower fans is a kind of equipment for air shower room, air shower fan with a main reminder system, people in the shower by the automatic voice prompts to make the order in order to complete the process of blowing the air shower, human voice prompts A warm feeling and to achieve an effective purification effect, the high-efficiency filter filter clean air flow from the rotation of the nozzle to be sprayed from all directions to the body, the effective and rapid removal of dust particles, the air from the beginning, after high-efficiency filter blowing Air shower area.

But there are a lot of people for the air shower blowers is not yet very understanding, following the Wuxi Lantian Special Fan Factory to explain to us the characteristics of air shower blowers. The factory is specialized in producing all kinds of fans and blowers of the enterprise, located in the scenic coast of Taihu Lake in Wuxi. The company combined with the specific requirements of the air shower R & D and production of air shower fan, with small size, large air volume, low noise, high pressure, easy installation and other advantages.

Take a look at the characteristics of air shower fans below:

1. General airshower stepper motor accuracy of 3-5% of the step angle, and does not accumulate.

2. Airshower stepper motor appearance of the maximum allowable temperature. Air shower stepping motor temperature is too high will first make the motor magnetic

Demagnetization of the material, resulting in the torque down or even out of step, so the maximum allowable temperature of the motor should depend on the demagnetization of different motor magnetic materials; Generally, the demagnetization of magnetic materials are above 130 degrees Celsius, and some even As high as 200 degrees Celsius, so the stepping motor surface temperature 80-90 degrees Celsius is completely normal.

3. Airshower stepper motor torque with the speed increase and decline. When the stepper motor rotates, the motor phase winding

The inductance will form a back electromotive force; the higher the frequency, the greater the back electromotive force. In its role, the motor with the frequency (or speed) increases and the phase current decreases, resulting in torque decline.

4. Air shower stepping motor can operate normally at low speed, but if it is higher than a certain speed, it can not be started, accompanied by howling. Stepper motor has a technical parameters: No-load starting frequency, that is, the stepper motor can normally start under no-load pulse frequency, if the pulse frequency is higher than this value, the motor can not start normally, may occur lost step or stalling. In the case of a load, the start frequency should be lower.

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