Air shower blowers installation and commissioning requirements

- Jun 14, 2018-

In the process of applying the air shower blowers, the installation and debugging of the air shower fan is also a problem that the user must pay attention to. The fan is usually installed at the end of the air in the clean room to provide clean air to the clean room. The air shower fan must not only overcome the resistance of the lower high efficiency filter, but also overcome the resistance of all the channel components of the entire circulating wind, so as to maintain the set running wind speed.


The air shower blowers have the characteristics of simple design, flexible wind speed adjustment, and easy operation, so it is more and more widely used. The entire unit is designed to be flexible and easy to use with a special ceiling frame and other suitable skeletons. When the filter uses a knife-edge frame, this unit can also be used to seal the ceiling tank skeleton. At the same time, according to the specifications of the design, it is easy to fit different types of ceiling frames and meet the cleanliness level requirements.


It should be noted that in order to ensure the normal use in the later period, it is necessary to debug the air shower blowers as required. The fan is allowed to start with full voltage or step down, but it should be noted that the current at full voltage start is about 5~7 times the rated current, and the step-down starting torque is proportional to the square of the current. When the capacity of the power grid is insufficient, it should be used. Step-down starting.


Before the air shower blowers is commissioned, the operator must first read the instructions for use of the equipment carefully. It is necessary to carefully check whether the working voltage of the fan power supply meets the requirements, whether the power supply is out of phase or in phase, and the capacity of the power distribution components. does it reach the requirement. At the time of the test, the number of persons was not less than two. One person controlled the power supply. One person observed the operation of the fan and found that the abnormal phenomenon was immediately stopped.


During the trial operation of the air shower unit fan, it is necessary not only to observe whether the direction of its operation is correct, but also to observe whether the current exceeds the rated current during its operation; if there is no normal phenomenon, the machine should be shut down for inspection. After running for five minutes, shut down and check if the fan is abnormal. Confirm that there is no abnormal phenomenon and then turn on the air shower to run it.