Air shower blower operating advantages and characteristics

- Feb 02, 2018-

Air shower blower in the use of the impeller in the body because the operation of friction-free, when in use do not need lubrication, the air shower blower will make the exhaust gas does not contain oil. Is the chemical industry, food and other industrial ideal pneumatic conveying gas source.

Air shower blower is a volume-operated blower. When used, with the pressure changes, little change in traffic. But the flow changes with speed. Therefore, the choice of pressure range is very wide, the choice of flow rate can be achieved by selecting the desired speed.

Air shower blower speed is high, the rotor and the rotor, the gap between the rotor and the body is small, resulting in less leakage, high volumetric efficiency. Blower structure determines the mechanical friction loss is very small. Because only the bearings and gear pairs have mechanical contact on the selection, the rotor, housing and gear ring has sufficient mechanical strength. Safe operation, long service life is a major feature of blower products.

Airshower blower blower fans will effectively adjust the opening of the diffuser according to their production needs after start-up. The diffuser "on" and "off" keys are used to ensure the necessary air volume. Fan operation, the fan must always be monitored, pay attention to the fan current, oil temperature, oil pressure into the air vacuum, fan, temperature, vibration and so on.

Air shower blower need to make a timely record, if any, to identify the cause of exclusion and report to the production section, if necessary, take emergency measures (with caution). Due to production or maintenance, maintenance needs, stop a typhoon operation.