Air Purification Centrifugal Fan Impeller Classification

- Mar 07, 2018-

Air purification Centrifugal fan impeller in the course of the operation is also known as the work round, the centrifugal compressor only work on the air flow of components, when used in the rotor of the main components, air purification centrifugal fan impeller generally Roulette, cover and leaves and other components. Gas in the impeller blades, with the impeller for high-speed rotation, the gas centrifugal force by rotating the role, as well as the expansion of the flow in the impeller to make it through the impeller after the pressure is increased.

Air purification centrifugal fan impeller shape classification

Centrifugal impeller categories: Centrifugal fan impeller blade shape veneer, airfoil and several arc type, in its use when its airfoil blade to some extent, will have its good aerodynamic properties , In the use of its strength, stiffness and high efficiency.

Forward impeller: Forward impeller are generally arc-type blades, the impeller back, the use of large-scale airfoil blades, coal-fired boilers for low dust removal efficiency can be used arc fan or flat blade. Centrifugal fan using flat blade more.

Air purification centrifugal fan impeller requirements

Give a larger head of energy

2. The loss of gas flow through the impeller is small, that is, the efficiency of gas flowing through the impeller is high.

3. When the gas flows out of the impeller the appropriate parameters, the gas flow through the fixed components when the flow loss less.

4. Impeller type can make the grade or whole machine performance curve stable working area and wide area of high efficiency. Often divided into closed, semi-open and open