Advantages of Using Aluminum Alloy Centrifugal Blower

- Mar 24, 2018-

In the process of operation, the aluminum alloy centrifugal blower has compact structure, beautiful appearance and good stability. It is very convenient in the process of installation and maintenance. The operation of the aluminum alloy centrifugal blower is smooth, and the optimized design of the impeller will be made to a certain extent. The axial force is reduced to the lowest level.

The aluminum alloy centrifugal blower has low noise, and no mechanical friction occurs during the operation. In operation, the sound of the reasonable blade shape is used to minimize the sound, and the noise generated by the centrifugal blower is high-frequency noise. As long as there are obstacles, they can be soundproofed, so there is almost no noise outside the fan room.

The aluminum alloy centrifugal blower is mainly lubricated with its grease and has a bearing life of more than three years when it is operated. The fan does not generate oil and gas during operation. Special requirements for fans, using molybdenum disulfide lithium grease bearings.

The impeller of the aluminum alloy centrifugal blower mainly adopts its special compound line shape, so that the internal leakage can be reduced to a certain extent, and the effective amount improves the volumetric efficiency and is easy to adjust: the inlet end butterfly valve regulates the flow, and the outlet end butterfly valve adjusts the pressure.

The driving method of the aluminum alloy centrifugal blower usually uses its two-pole asynchronous motor in the process of operation, and can also be driven by a four-pole motor during operation. According to the user's power grid, different voltage motors can be used.