A series of first-class quality of high temperature medium pressure fan blower

- May 30, 2018-

The high temperature medium pressure fan blower is a one-time die-casting blower device, combined with its use of paint technology, so beautiful appearance, can be comparable with imported products, but our products are very advantageous in terms of price, which also promote Its wide application.


When the high temperature medium pressure fan blower impeller rotates, due to the effect of centrifugal force, the wind vane causes the gas to move forward outwards, thereby forming a series of spiral movements, so that the air between the impeller blades spirally accelerates and rotates and pumps Gas outside the body intrude into the side tank.


When it enters the side channel, the gas is compressed and then returned to the impeller blades to accelerate again; as the air passes along the spiral track through the impeller and side slots, each impeller blade increases the degree of compression and acceleration. As the rotation progresses, the kinetic energy of the gas increases, so that the pressure of the gas passing along the side channel further increases. When the air reaches the connection point between the side slot and the discharge flange, the gas is extruded out of the blade and exits the pump body through the outlet muffler.


High temperature medium pressure fan blower adopts advanced materials and technology, and the impeller does not have any contact with other parts, no oil pollution, high, refined, light and other characteristics, high technology content, energy saving, low carbon, high quality first-class Excellent product. In addition, it uses a high-pressure, low-noise motor for direct transmission. Both the exit and the entrance have built-in silencers, which can greatly reduce the noise during operation. According to customer requirements, it can be upgraded to silent operation to meet the high requirements of customers.


Even the high temperature medium pressure fan blower parts are imported products, especially the parts of the operation part are designed with a very precise balance, so the test, calibration, so the shock rate is very low, high temperature medium pressure fan blower is also used 50/60Hz wide-frequency motor, according to the different needs of customers, use different voltage specifications, so that customers have more flexibility in the selection.


The high temperature medium pressure fan blower can be installed at the place of use at any time for compressed air or for evacuation, and can be installed horizontally or vertically. In addition, the high temperature medium pressure fan blower has no other moving parts, and the impeller is directly connected to the motor and has no gear or transmission belt, so it has high reliability.