1. Product selection and manufacturer selection requirements for centrifugal air conditioner fans

- Mar 02, 2019-

The purchase of centrifugal air-conditioning fans is an important aspect that needs to be taken seriously and must be taken seriously, because if there is a wrong choice, it will affect the normal use of the product, and at the same time, it will cause product waste and bring a certain economy. Loss, therefore, will have the above conclusions and requirements. In consideration of factors, it is necessary to take into account the origin, parameters, quality, price, manufacturer and requirements of the products. After comprehensive and comprehensive consideration of these factors, the right products can be selected.


This kind of fan manufacturer's choice, this is also a job that needs to be taken seriously, because it is necessary to avoid the wrong choice and its adverse effects. In the specific requirements, it is required to select professional and regular manufacturers to ensure Product quality and product performance, in turn, let the product have a good effect.


2. Comparison of centrifugal air conditioning fan and air conditioning fan

Air-conditioning fan, from a professional point of view, this is a kind of energy-saving, high-efficiency, variable speed and low-noise centrifugal fan, and it has the advantages of reasonable and compact structure, simple and convenient installation, small size, large air volume and small vibration. The three-phase voltage regulator or frequency converter can be configured to realize stepless speed regulation. Therefore, in the case where the noise and air volume requirements are relatively high, this type of fan is suitable for use and can have good use effect. Centrifugal air-conditioning fans, which are a specific type of fan, are similar in some respects to air-conditioning fans, and there is not much difference. In basic functions, they are used for ventilation.


3. DKT type external rotor centrifugal air conditioning fan

DKT type outer rotor centrifugal air-conditioning fan, which is a specific type and type of centrifugal air-conditioning fan, its advantages are large air volume, low running noise, reasonable and compact structure, beautiful appearance, convenient installation and durability, and durability. In specific applications, it can be used for indoor ventilation in industrial and mining enterprises and public places. In terms of composition, the fan is composed of an impeller, an outer rotor motor, and the like. The impeller is formed by arranging dozens of front-bent blades on the wheel cover and the middle plate. The motor adopts an outer rotor type and is built in the casing and directly connected to the impeller, and is dynamically balanced for smooth rotation.