1. Flour mixer purchase and manufacturer selection requirements

- Feb 27, 2019-

The product of the flour mixer is purchased because it is an important work and involves an important aspect of this mixer, so it should be taken seriously and treated seriously to avoid wrong choices and waste of products and economics. loss. Moreover, it is necessary to take into account the six factors of product origin, parameters, real-time quotation and price quotation, product quality, and after-sales service of the manufacturer and product, one of which cannot be missed.


The choice of the mixer manufacturer is also an important aspect because it relates to the normal use of the product and its use. In terms of specific requirements, it is required to select professional and regular manufacturers, so as to ensure product quality and product performance, and then, the product has a good use effect.


2. The structure of the flour mixer

The flour mixer can be used in making noodles, and can solve the problem that the flour stirring device can not fully stir the flour, can not fully knead the dough, and thus affect the quality of the noodles and the lack of strength of the noodles. Its structural composition and structural characteristics are:


(1) The mixer includes two components: an ellipsoidal mixing drum and a connecting rod. The ellipsoidal mixing drum is provided with a plurality of claws, and the claws are connected with the poles, and the free ends of the poles and the connecting rods are connected. To make the connection, the side wall of the connecting rod is connected to the cylinder. In addition, a plurality of positioning brackets are connected to the inner wall of the ellipsoidal mixing drum, and the claws are located in the positioning frame.

(2) In the flour mixer, there is also a timer. The output of the timer is connected to the processor, and the signal output end of the processor is electrically connected to the signal input end of the cylinder.

(3) The positioning frame in the mixer is composed of two parts: a positioning ring and a support rod. One end of the support rod is connected with the positioning ring, and the other end is connected to the inner wall of the ellipsoidal mixing drum. One end of the ellipsoidal mixing drum is a driving motor connected to rotate it, and an anti-sticking layer is arranged in the mixing drum to avoid the problem of sticking during material mixing. A discharge door is arranged on the mixing drum to facilitate the discharge of materials.