1. Application and instructions for centrifugal fan for air shower

- Mar 09, 2019-

The application of the centrifugal fan for air shower can be known from its name. This type of fan is used in the air shower. Its function and function are the same as that of the ordinary centrifugal fan. It is used for ventilation and can be used together with the filter. Achieve the role of air purification.


centrifugal fan for air shower, which can be said to be a specific type of fan, and also has different specifications and models. The advantages of this type of fan are the advantages of large air volume, high wind pressure, low operating noise and small volume, and only correct The use of standard operations can have a good effect. The corresponding parameters of the fan are flow, working pressure and running noise.


2. How to choose the centrifugal fan for air shower?

The selection of the centrifugal fan for air shower is to take all relevant factors into consideration, and it is necessary to comprehensively and comprehensively consider these factors before selecting the right product, and this can also avoid the wrong choice and cause the product. Waste and bring economic losses. In addition, the purchaser can look at a few more and compare, should choose a good quality product, in order to ensure the product's performance and use.


3. The structural composition and structural characteristics of the centrifugal fan for air shower

The centrifugal fan for air shower comprises a casing, a motor, an impeller and a damper device in a structural composition, and the casing is installed above the damper device, and the air outlet and the air inlet are arranged on the casing. Its structural characteristics are:


(1) Four fixing pieces are arranged on the side of the motor. The fixing pieces are welded and connected on the side of the motor and distributed in a cross shape. The fixing piece is provided with a screw hole on the side away from the motor, and the screw hole is passed through the bolt and fixed on the outer edge of the air inlet. on. In addition, a drive shaft is mounted on the motor, the drive shaft and the impeller are connected, and a dustproof mesh cover is installed on the air inlet, and the dustproof mesh cover is fixed at the edge of the air inlet, and the through hole is provided in the middle of the dustproof mesh cover. The front of the motor passes through.

(2) The damping device in the centrifugal fan for air shower has the upper base, the lower base, the rubber cushion and the spring. The upper base is mounted above the lower base, and the lower base is welded to the upper surface. A rectangular iron piece is welded with L-shaped iron on both sides of the upper base and connected to the rectangular iron piece by a spring. In addition, a groove is provided on the top surface of the lower base.