Backward Curved Centrifugal Fan

We supply high quality backward curved centrifugal fan. We devoted ourselves to air purification centrifugal fan many years,covering most of Europe, America, Africa and Asia market. We are expecting become your long team partner in China.
Model: FFU 355
Type: Air Purification Centrifugal Fan
Min Order: 1 set
Shipping Port: Shanghai Port or Ningbo Port
Lead Time: 3-15 Days
Payment Terms:L/C, T/T, Western Union, Paypal

Product Details

Centrifugal Fan is derived from the direction of flow and how the air exits the fan impeller radially from the outer circumference of the fan. FFU 355 Backward curved centrifugal fan is characterised by its cylindrical shape, several large curved blades and a conical inlet nozzle. In the example shown below, the fan rotates in a clockwise direction.

Backward Curved Centrifugal Fan Work

Performance Parameter

Model: FFU 355
Air Volume: 2050m3/h
Full pressure: 325Pa
Noise: ≤65dB
Power: 0.16KW
Rotate Speed: 1400r/min
Protection Class: IP44
Insulation Class: B
Certification: CCC
Application: FFU clean bench, FFU laminar flow hood etc.
FFU 355

Characteristic Curve and Shape Size

FFU 355 Characteristic CurveFFU 355 Shape Size

The peak efficiency is at a point in the middle of the characteristic curve. At this point the ratio of the output power of the fan (Volume flow (m3/s) x Static Pressure development (Pa) and the electrical power input (W) is at its greatest and the sound pressure being produced by the fan will be at its quietest. Above and below the optimum range of operation the flow across the fan becomes noisier and the efficiency of the fan system decreases.

Advantages and Benefit

Using backward curved centrifugal fan impeller is that it does not have a stall point on its characteristic. This means that there is no point on the fan characteristic curve that it should not be operated. Backward curved motorised impellers also have the highest static efficiency of any fan type and the mechanisms used in creating the airflow through the fan mean that it can be equally used on its own in a basic plenum or it can be enclosed within a scroll to direct its airflow.

Mainly used for purification workbench, purification unit, ventilation pipe dust removal, purification air conditioning system, environmental protection and pollution control and other refrigeration equipment supporting work.

Air shower room

Impeller performance
* Optimized design
The fan adopts a back-bend centrifugal impeller optimized by CFD flow field simulation. This design is more aerodynamic, more efficient and more stable.
* High balance level
Each impeller has undergone dynamic balance test, and adheres to the balance level of G4.0 (the same type of products at home and abroad is only G6.3), which fundamentally guarantees the long-term quiet and stable operation of the fan.
* Efficient zone width
The aerodynamic performance curve of the impeller is smooth and flat, and has a wide and efficient working area, which can more effectively avoid the performance degradation caused by the deviation of the operating point during use.
* Impeller process
The blade adopts steel laser cutting, precise fixture positioning and full welding process to ensure smooth blade edge, accurate welding angle and high overall strength. The stress is uniform during long-term high-speed operation, and the operation is stable and reliable.
But since there is a peak of shaft power in this series of fan impellers, when the motor is selected according to the power combined with the motor power and the motor power richness factor, the fan shaft power will not exceed the rated motor power regardless of the point at which the fan operates in the stable working area. Users can use it with confidence.

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